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We at Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc. are thrilled to announce our move into the United Kingdom! Our new site, is now officially launched – stay tuned for more information as it becomes available!

Quality Assurance

Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc. is a full-service registrar that carries multiple international accreditations. This means PJR has the authority to register organizations, recognizing them for their quality management system’s integrity. At PJR, we understand the importance of ISO 9000 registration. This is why we are dedicated to helping an organization achieve its goals.

Quality Audit Advantage

Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc. operates with the client’s best interests in mind. Flexibility is the watchword when it comes to correcting nonconformities, and because of this, costs are kept to a minimum. Please click here to receive a free informational video and quotation. Registration provides objective proof that a business has implemented an effective quality or environmental management system, and that it is satisfying all of the requirements of the applicable standard. But it does take commitment, cooperation and teamwork to obtain ISO 9000, ISO/TS 16949, AS9100, TL 9000 or ISO 14001 certification. Don’t embark on this most important journey with just any registration company. Reach your destination with a company that is respected and known worldwide. Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc. is currently the fastest-growing registrar in North America. PJR auditors have an average of 15 years experience as auditors and 18 years in the quality assurance field. To learn more about Perry Johnson Registrars advantages and unique policies, Click Here. There are a lot of things to consider when contemplating ISO 9000 registration, so we have provided a section that describes some of the aspects and benefits of ISO 9000. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at 1-800-800-7910.

PJR has a variety of QMS and EMS Accreditations that range throughout the world

  • Perry Johnson Registrars is one of a handful of registrars on the U.S. General Services Administration number GS-10F-0025K.
  • Perry Johnson Registrars achieved accreditation to ISO/IEC 17021:2011 by ANAB, UKAS, JAB and Accredia before the deadline of September 15, 2008. ISO/IEC 17021:2011 applies to all types of management systems that PJR is accredited to certify: quality, environmental, occupational health and safety, food safety and information security.
  • For a complete list of PJR accreditations, click here.

Expected Outcomes of Accredited Certification

Value and expected outcomes of accredited certification have recently been getting increasing attention from all ISO industry stakeholders. A special emphasis is, however, placed by the end users of accredited certification whose primary goal is to benefit from using services of a certified organization that would meet their requirements and, moreover, exceed their expectations. It is important that certified organizations understand expected outcomes for accredited certification and get the best value out of their third-party audits. For more information regarding expected outcomes, please review a joint IAF-ISO Joint Communiqué.

Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc. (PJR) does not provide consulting services or laboratory accreditation services, including ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 15189. We understand the importance of impartiality in carrying out our accredited management system certification activities. To this effect, PJR manages conflicts of interest and ensures objectivity and impartiality in all of our accredited services. PJR builds our business in a variety of ways: advertising, trade shows and telemarketing, to mention a few. PJR networks with a variety of industry professionals. From time to time, PJR may pay finders fees to consultants for referrals. *In terms of the number of accredited certifications reported to the Independent Association of Accredited Registrars (IAAR): The IAAR is comprised of large and small certification bodies, most operating globally. (Note: Not all certification bodies report accredited certifications).