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PJR Advantages

PJR Advantages

Perry Johnson Registrars operates with the client’s best interests in mind. Flexibility is the watchword when it comes to correcting nonconformances, and because of this, costs are kept to a minimum. In most cases, corrective action for minor nonconformances may be faxed or mailed to the auditor, and subsequently verified at a surveillance audit. Audit preparation can be done off-site to minimize travel costs.

Another way that PJR minimizes travel costs is by using local auditors, whenever possible. PJR specializes in having auditors within a 50- to 100-mile radius of most major cities. One is probably within a short distance of your facility.

Priority Scheduling

PJR Priority Scheduling

At PJR, we don’t want you to get lost in the registration shuffle. Because the registration process is such a substantial undertaking for most companies, we are committed to being as flexible with your scheduling as possible, to make the process easier. Ask your PJR client manager about this special program.

Among PJR’s advantages are the following unique policies:

  • No mandatory, preliminary site visit
  • No penalty for changing schedules (with reasonable notice)
  • No hidden costs
  • No application fee
  • No overtime charges
  • One complimentary certification plaque per client
  • Client press releases written at no additional charge
  • 24-hour information hotline
  • Sensitive and responsive to the needs of businesses of all sizes – small, medium or large
  • No markup on auditor’s travel expenses
  • Three complimentary registration certificates
  • Value-added auditing
  • Advantages of 14001 Registration