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SN 9001

SN 9001

Snow PlowSN 9001 is an expansion of ISO 9001 tailored specifically toward snow and ice management companies. Any company that provides snowplowing, salting, deicing, sidewalk cleaning or snow disposal services to clients could benefit from the SN 9001 certification. SN 9001 examines industry standards unique to snow and ice management, including contracts, education, training, preseason site inspections, in-event documentation, post-event processes, and weather service reporting.

Over 50% of slip and fall and other nuisance lawsuit claims which plague snow and ice management industries are settled or lost because of a lack of documentation. Such claims cost snow and ice management companies $500 million in 2011 alone. By keeping careful documentation of employee training, standard operating procedures, emergency responses, and other internal processes as the SN 9001 standard would require, you can ensure that your company possesses less risk of falling victim to legal troubles.

Snow PlowThere are a number of benefits to SN 9001 certification, among them are:

  • Set your company apart from and ahead of the competition.
  • Standardize your operations.
  • Decrease incidents and increase cost effectiveness.
  • Reduce legal and financial risks.
  • Potential to lower insurance premiums.

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